Quelles sont les conditions d'admission?

Are eligible, all the candidates that will have:

  • Students must have a special interest in the wine sector and a feeling for its products and its economic dimension to benefit fully from this training programme

  • A strong motivation linked to a commitment to a professional project specifically orientated toward the vine wine industry
  • A good working knowledge of French and English is essential.

  • have successfully completed four years of university studies


Equivalences and exceptions

In application of the principle of validating professional experience, graduates from all academic backgrounds may nevertheless be considered for admission, depending on the candidate’s professional experience and personal project


International equivalences qualifications and specific applications will closely be studied.


Concerning the "Modulars"

A modular course may be envisaged; the course could be scheduled over two or three years in this case, according to a timetable approved by the Directors of studies.

have successfully completed four years of university studies