Three networks

In a world that functions more and more on networking, the OIV MSc in Wine Management gives a considerable advantage to its students by offering them access to three networks: 


The alumni network:

Once admitted, students become member of the students association of graduates (see the AED OIV page), with more 500 members, who, for the most, hold key positions in the wine industry.

The business network - companies the MSc is associated with (CEP) :

The " BUSINESS AND PROSPECTS COMMITY” (CEP in french) unites major companies in the sector. They are aware that the future of the industry depends on future managers able to think and act in line with the choices made by the OIV. CEP members have recently called on graduates working in general management positions to join them.

During their 11 months of traveling through the world of wine, students will encounter more than 500 professionals and will acquire the contacts necessary for researching their dissertation, for an internship, or a job, etc..

The university network :

The AUIV is a non-profit making society. It was created in 1987 through the combined efforts of experts, researchers and university lecturers, business executives and heads of organisations in the wineproducing sector worldwide. Since its creation, the AUIV organised and then set up a training network (Réseau Universitaire Spécialisé en sciences de gestion), remaining in direct collaboration with the OIV.

This network constitutes an operational framework for multi-site sector-based itinerant training in several countries involved in the production, marketing and consumption of wine: the International OIV MSc in Wine Management, established as an advanced degree of the University of Paris Ouest.

The university network specialized in management science for the AUIV today groups together 35 universities and advanced training and research centres.