25 countries in 18 months - An international Diploma

Emanating from the OIV, The OIV MSc in Wine Management, carries in its own genes a strong international dimension. This dimension constitute a proof of openness, adaptability and interculturalityfor the futur wine leadears.

On one hand, the recruitment of candidates of various profils and nationalities (see profil page) provide a diverse and enriching environement in each classroom. The students learn from each other as much as they learn from the teachings. There is today around 40 nationalities that have take this master.

On the other hand, the international dimension express itself through a cursus that bring the participants to discover 25 key countries of the wine planet, on the 5 continents.

WorldRoadMap OIV

Mobility as a trademark

Mobility is the trademark of the OIV Msc. In 18 month, the promotion travels around more than 20 countries importing and or producing wine meeting actors of the wine industry.

The intercultural perspective is thus an ongoing feature of management training. It is this which allows the student to develop the essential elements of competitiveness:

- flexibility and deftness in handling situations that are different, unknown and new

- the ability to effectively work as part of a group

- a tendancy to take advantage of opportunities to enrich his or her knowledge and adapt his or her ideas to a changing world

- the capacity to find creative solutions to common problems

- the ability to communicate internally in a clear manner

- the ability to communicate externally, in a manner tailored to suit different clients