A unique philisophy for more than 30 years

Through a nonstandart and itinerant training, the OIV MSc in Wine Management provide a global vision of the industry to all futur wine leaders.

Its ambition is to give to the wine industry commited, autonomous, openminded, proactive, adaptable and responsible leaders and that will have a perfect knowledge of the produc, by promoting world travel as an exceptional training mean, by contesting a limited transmission of knowledges.



The originality of the master is to be mono industrial, multidisciplinary, itinerant, international, experiecial and with one of the most important network of the wine world.

Through an intense training dedicated to learn, exchange, meeting and travel, this diploma allow one to challenge is prejudices, its individual certainties and to replace them by a global and complex vision of the wine industry. Therefore allowing them to act and decide as wine professionals.

All along the transnational cursus, the student is trained to analyse strategics datas and complex situations. Therefore more than separated competences, the student acquire transversal competences thanks to personal work and benchmarking .