An experienced based academic program

There is nothing like firsthand experiences and face to face meetings to build an strong understanding of the industry. Therefore, the OIV MSc in Wine Management has constructed a unique program, designed to provide an education founded in these principles, that demands of each participant a high level of commitment and autonomy.

These meetings with industry professionals, which take place  in situ and not in a classroom form the foundation of the OIV Masters program, allowing participants not only to avail each professional of his or her specific knowledge, but also to understand the specifities of each market visited (the ration of classroom/travel is about 30/70).

The OIV MSc in Wine Managment is the only master in the world that offers its participants the opportunity to discover firsthand each market and it industry actors all throughout the curriculum, and not only during a study abroad experience.

In addition, as an added bonus, these travels provide profound and lasting memories for each of the participants, shaping a solid common base of companionship and solidarity among alumni. Classes relate to each other through shared experiences: their travels, meetings, generosity and a spirit of openness to the world.