A diploma delivered by l'Institut Agro Montpellier, conferred by the OIV

Created in 1986 with OIV support, which had identified an important need for a high level and wine specific international training program, the OIV MSc in Wine management train the students to the wine industry specific management (marketing, economy, management, law, human ressources, communication...) by offering concrete intelligence of the international environment via an itinerantmultidisciplinary and experience-based training.

Worried by the fact that the professional culture within the wine industry was solely oriented toward production management, the OIV wished to create a exemplary pedagogical program in order to stimulate the quality of the international human resources development.

This diploma is managed in partnership with l'Instiut Agro Montpellier, which provides students with a Postgraduate specialist diploma in vine and wine management : https://en.institut-agro-montpellier.fr/training/postgraduate-specialist-diploma-vine-and-wine-management



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