Tuitions ...



Tuition for the entire program is 13,900 euros, covering the two years attendance at the University (from October N to March N+2). The tuition has to be paid before the beginning of the program.

This tuition covers the organization of the program and the professional meetings.

& other expenses.

Please note that the travel costs and daily expenses are not included in the tuition and the school is not responsible for these costs. On average, these costs come to about 2,500 euros per month for the 11 months of travel, from October N to August N+1, totaling approximately 27,500 euros.

This average includes:

- The cost of lodging (In general, the student in charge of the organizing the logistics of each module finds lodging at the most attractive price possible)

- Travel costs (bus tickets, plane tickets, train tickets, rental cars, etc.)

- Meals (though occasionally tastings will be accompanied by a meal)

- Various personal expenses (evenings out, wine purchases, etc.)

The entire budget for a full-time student, including tuition, begins around 41,400 euros.

A self-sufficient proceeding

Throughout the course of the year, each student is required to act as the delegate for the group during at least one module.  As delegate, that student is in charge of acting as the liaison with the director of the program, organizing the logistics and overseeing the smooth operation of the module. Included in this role is the responsibility for finding lodging and communal transportation as needed for the group (generally using previous classes experience as a guideline).  The budget for these logistics is set at the lowest in the group.

If at any time a student would like different or more comfortable accommodations, that student can make their own reservations at the establishment of their choice.