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Educating the futur leader of the wine world at the international level is the vocation of the OIV MSc in Wine Management

Created in 1986 with OIV support, which had identified an important need for a hight level and wine specific international training program, the OIV MSc in Wine management train the students to the wine industry specific management (marketing, economy, management, law, human ressources, communication...) by offering a concrete intelligence of the international environment throught an itinerant, multidisciplinary and experiencial formation.

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AUIV general deleguate, Marketing Professor

Tel : 06-07-79-29-74 - Fax : 01-42-66-90-63

Courriel : mbourqui@auiv.org


Programs Director

Tel : 06-23-74-96-77

Courriel : ngoldschmidt@oivmsc.org

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